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The only thing I was using GCP for was hosting this blog which is statically generated by Jekyll. As that work flow is a lot easier on Github Pages I decided to move it back there and at the same time make some improvements to my workflow.

There is a similar story with Ruby which I only use for running Jekyll. To make life a bit simpler and to avoid having to relearn how to get things to run everytime I want to update I decided to look into running it in Docker instead. Unfortunately the jekyll/jekyll Docker images didn’t seem to enjoy running on an M1 Mac yet so I used the ruby:2.7.2 image instead.

# Use Ruby image instead of jekyll/jekyll for arm-64 support
FROM ruby:2.7.2

RUN gem install bundler:1.17.2 jekyll:4.0 jekyll-redirect-from


CMD bundle exec jekyll serve -H

And to preview the site, I run it with:

docker container run --rm -p 4000:4000 -p 35729:35729 -it                     \
                     -v "$(pwd)":"$(pwd)" -w "$(pwd)" $(docker build -q .)    \
                     jekyll serve -H --livereload